Design Process

Ottawa Landscape Design Process

Consultation – We will visit you for a free 1 hour consultation

The initial consultation is an important step in the process of transforming your outdoor living spaces. Providing fresh and insightful ideas to help visualize your dream landscape, or improve your existing environment.

What we should discuss?

First I like to start outside in your yard. I usually ask “how can you see yourself living in this space”. Pictures are a great way to show us how you would like this space to look. Look through web pages, magazines or catalogs to find your look. They could be searches of cottage life or relaxation or maybe you have that special place in the Caribbean. Print them out! Let me see your look!

  • – We can discuss many issues, what product type is best for your home or specific location, what options you might have and how will your space fit your dreams.
  • – We will talk about how to plan a successful landscape.
  • – We may create a sketch at your home. A pencil sketch is the first way to initially visualize what we are thinking.
  • – Desired timeline for work to commence and a completion date
  • – Planned investment

 What are your Landscape Elements?

  • – Construction of patio, deck, pathways, natural stone retaining walls
  • – Location of 3 dimensional structures i.e. gazebos, pergolas, beams, privacy items, planting beds
  • – Placement of garden walls, pillars, pools, water and fire features, night-scaping, synthetic Turf

Out of town consultations are charged extra.

* Out of town Consultations do not include landscape plans, all other design rates are as specified. Out of town Consultation extra charges are based on distance from Ottawa City Center (Bank St and the Queensway) at a rate of .50 per kilometer each way.


The Second Step-

Design Contract – Computerized 2D Design

After reviewing the goals and objectives of your project through consultation (First Step), a Design Contract will be written to verify both parties agreement on the applicable fee and design package components.

Computerized Hardscape Design starting from $660.00 + HST

*Design Contract will require a deposit of between $150.00 and $500.00 (amounts will depend on complexity of design)


The Third Step

Construction – Options

Depending on your level of experience, you may feel confident about tackling a simple project but some jobs are still best left to the professionals. The value of an experienced contractor is to know how long it takes to perform various tasks, how to pull together the necessary skilled workforce and how to source the required materials.

Our close connection with a few specialized hardscape companies has made it possible for our designs to be built with skill, knowledge and commitment. We can assist you with the connection to a specialist that best suits your needs.


The Fourth Step

Project Management – Options

Project managers must maintain good communications with all parties and anticipate possible problems which may occur during the construction phase and find ways to maintain a free-flowing operation while making corrections. Peter Albania and his team are happy to work along your contractor to ensure a polished and cohesive look.

Fees 10% of contract + HST

*Project management fees are not charged if work is delivered by one of our authorized installers


Fill out the request for consultation form or call or email us to set up your appointment;